In cybersecurity, no organization, CISO, or vendor, would describe their approach to security as “perfect”, but that doesn’t stop founders from over-thinking and over-polishing their offers prior to sharing them with the world.  In this episode of Cyber Engine, Justin and Jack discuss the damage done by demanding perfection in your foundling start-up. Any measure of perfection is too self-referential, and has an infinitesimal half-life in our industry, so the time spent chasing after it does nothing more than retard the timing of solid feedback on the positives and negatives of your offer.  The team offers advice and practical steps for understanding and valuing “good enough”, because the market is constantly changing, and your personal view of perfect is not going to be anything like the view of perfect among industry analysts, new prospects, or even members of your own team.  Just get moving and get your good enough vision out there.

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