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We take our investor relationships very seriously because we know that this collaboration is at the heart of shared goals, unrelenting support, and open communications. As a result, Almanna investors know that they are providing more than just funding to our companies.  Almanna investors provide their own perspectives, valuable advice, and access to the experience and successes of other firms in their portfolios.  Our companies benefit from their input in an environment that protects the expression of their style and creativity, helping them to integrate input organically as they grow.

Twice a year we accept a new cohort of companies that are eligible for funding from our investor partners. Every company we accept into the cohort has demonstrated that they have ideas and that can make them a success in the long-term.  Our Almanna process and phased outcomes improve the speed and the predictability of that success.

Pitch Days

 Twice a year we host an Online Demo Day where each batch of companies present to an audience of pre-screened investors. The event is invitation only, if you are interested in attending, please contact us below.

Almanna Listening to a Cybersecurity presentation

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